Mechanisms of Epithelial Morphogenesis

Our research focus

We study processes, which govern epithelial morphogenesis and homeostasis, and deregulation of which can lead to developmental defects and cancer. More specifically, we investigate the interplay of biochemical and mechanical signals in shaping epithelial sheets to functional structures. The main focus of the laboratory is on the regulation of epithelial branching morphogenesis of the paradigmatic branched organ unique to mammals, the mammary gland. Our ultimate research goal is to understand, how organs are formed and how tumours emerge.

3D cell culture organoid modelling methodology

Our research strategy combines advanced 3D cell culture models and organoids, state-of-the-art imaging techniques, genetic mouse models and mathematical modelling.

Open Positions (incl. PhD)

We welcome enthusiastic students and scientists to join our team. Several undergraduate (Master, Bachelor, P-Pool), graduate (PhD student) and PostDoc positions are available! Please, contact us.


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