Barta Lab

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Lucie Pešková

MSc. topic: The role of microRNA molecules in cellular reprogramming

PhD. topic: The role of microRNAs in cell fate decisions

Next position: Neurobiology Scientist at a:head, Vienna BioCenter, Austria

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Denisa Jurčíková

BSc. topic: The role of miR-183 family in the regulation of development and function of sensory organs

MSc. topic: Molecular mechanisms underlying differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells into retinal tissues

Next position: Roche, Switzerland


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Jana Šebestíková

MSc. topic: Regulation of retinal circadian rhythms

Next position: PhD student, MRC, Cambridge, UK


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Lívia Knapová

BSc. topic: Organoids: in vitro system for studying host-pathogen interactions


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Kateřina Konečná

BSc. topic: Mechanisms of circadian rhythms regulation in human

MSc. topic: Retinal organoids as a tool for investigating circadian rhythms

Next position: BIOCEV, Prague, Czech Republic


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